April 17, 2012

Get Free Links - Australian Directories

Published: 17 April 2012 

Link building is a major component of SEO. A simple analogy to understand the worth of links is to view them as votes. If another website links to yours, it's basically giving the user an opportunity to leave that website in favour of yours. It makes sense that for somebody to risk losing a visitor to another site, they must have some regard for that site and think it to be of some value to their user. In this way, a link to your site can be seen as a vote of confidence from another site, or a signal that they ‘like' you.

Google counts these ‘votes' and takes them into consideration - along with many other factors - when assessing the relevance and legitimacy of your site for certain keywords.

There are many places you can get links from, but just to get you started, we've listed 10 Australian Directories below where you can submit your website's URL to for free.

Directories are a great, simple way to start your link building profile. It's relatively straightforward to submit your websites details and, whilst they're not the strongest links out there, there are some definite benefits.

A link from a directory with a .com.au address will send a signal to Google.com.au that you are relevant to Australia. Google may also take snippets from descriptions or information you enter on these directories for its own use in the map listings.

All the above directories are free, however using some may require signing up to the website's newsletter. What about using paid directories or directories that require a reciprocal link? We've found that these type of directories (that require a payment or a link back) aren't usually the best investment of your time and money.

Check out my post about reciprocal links for more information on the pros and cons and remember; you can always post any questions you might have on our Facebook page.

To learn more about links, where to get them and what makes a good one, keep up to date with our SEO Monday's blog right here.

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