September 21, 2010

9 Australian Directories (get free Aussie links)

Published: 21 September 2010 

Note: We have updated this list in 2015. 2015 and more recently in 2017. Check out all the lists to see if your business has been mentioned. 

A relatively easy way of acquiring some free links to your website is submitting it to online directories. Directories vary in quality and automated mass-submissions to hundreds of low-quality directories usually won't help your rankings.

Submitting your website to a few good quality directories on the other hand is worth the effort. We've hand-picked some Australian directories worth submitting your website to.

9 Aussie Directories

  1. True Local - accepts all Australian businesses
  2. Hot Frog - all Aussie businesses
  3. Free Plug - list your coupons and free offers here
  4. Start Local - all Aussie businesses
  5. Aussie Web - all Aussie businesses
  6. Wottodo - lists tourist attractions, tour companies and restaurants
  7. Your Trade Directory - trade directory
  8. Adventure Pro - sports, tourism businesses
  9. Shopseek - accepts all Australian businesses

As of publishing this post, all of the above directories allow you to link to your website with a SEO-friendly (dofollow) link for free.

Directory Submission Tips

  • don't forget to confirm your submissions - usually you will have to click on a special link that will be e-mailed to you, some directories might additionally call your phone number for verification
  • if you're interested in having your business appear in Google Maps then enter your business address and contact details when submitting your listing. Google will pick these up and these "citations" of your company details will help your Google Maps ranking. Be consistent - use the same address, business name and contact details throughout your submissions.
  • don't stuff keywords into your submissions - it won't help your SEO and it'll be a waste of time and opportunity if your listing gets rejected
  • carefully choose the appropriate category for your business

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4 comments on “9 Australian Directories (get free Aussie links)”

  1. Hi 'Suisse', the amount of raw page rank (aka 'link juice') would be the same no matter what domain you're linking to. Links from Australian domains though will help you rank in more than links from non-Australian websites of similar strength would.

  2. These directories also serve the purpose of local citations wherein you can list your business and take the benefit in google maps ranks or if you have you google local listing submitted with the same addresses. Ultimately your dual purpose will be done, you get the local links, local citations and thus improvement in local rankings.

  3. Really Thanks Nemek from my heart, for the fantastic local business directory list. Just started a local SEO campaign for app development company and need good website list for Australia, Thank you So much and Keep it Up.

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