July 26, 2012

Mozcon is terrible! They give you so much great information...

Published: 26 July 2012 

For those of you who don't know right now I'm in Seattle at Mozcon the leading SEO conference organised by SEOmoz. Despite teaching people to use SEOmoz tools for years this is the first time I've attended, it's just day one but this is what I reckon so far...

The whole of Mozcon is full of world leading inbound marketers, SEO experts here and there and then they pile on all of this really in-depth useful information in session after session.

The sessions that are deep enough to matter, light enough to be inspiring and then practical enough to mean I've got to go and show my team ALL of this awesome stuff when I get back to Brisbane.

What a nightmare! 😛

Highlights from Day One at MozCon

Link Building with Paddy Moogan - Awesome!

35 link building tips in 35 mins - good ones too and just a great insight into a leading link builder. Boomerang will be set-up this very evening.

Build the Agile SEO Framework by Jon Colman

I liked the Star Wars slides about Agile SEO more than these ones but I am totally convinced by the idea and it'll work well with what we already do at Matter Solutions, i.e. the scrum meetings we've been having are just the start.

Community as Inbound - Jen Lopez

Yep, I'm in. I know just the member of the team to lead this for us.

Web Spam Research: Good Robots vs Bad Robots

Wow! Just fantastic stuff and I'm keen to look through that presentation again (and again).

Beyond Link Building: Real Companies Do Real Things - Will Reynolds

Hat-tip to Will the founder of SeerInteractive for the headline inspiration. All I can say is #RCS is top of our agenda when I get back to Australia.

Social Tools & Data Mining: Making a Case for Content Strategy by Mike King

Rapping about SEO? Damn it! I've got to buy the DVD now. The slides were indeed pretty and all that useful information just kept on coming through. Personas will be high up on the agenda too.

You can download the slides from day one on the Mozcon live website. It's not quite noon in Oz so hopefully someone can take a look this arvo, especially at the #RCS


Thanks Mozzers. Just Awesome!

See you in the Hard Rock Cafe later

PS. I even had a hug with Roger Mozbot. I hope they'll post that on Facebook later 🙂

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