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October 17, 2012

Google Announces their link disavow tool

Published: 17 October 2012 + Tweaked June 2024

October 2012 - The rumoured Google disavow link tool is now available.


Tell Google which links you would like Google to ignore. He clarifies that it is not definitive, "its a suggestion"

A major standout is that the video is full of warnings.

Here is the guide on what to do.

  1. Get those links removed from the web. Write to people to get all of them taken down, write to webmasters multiple times.
  2. When you have some certain fraction and there's still a small fraction of those links left, THEN you can use the disavow links too.
  3. How to use the tool...
  • Investigate recent links (the new addition of "download recent links" from Webmaster Tools)
  • One, two or three examples on their messages to you
  • Warning: This isn't the definitive list, you've got to find other links like these too

Warning: We want to reiterate that most people do not need to do this. If you're normal, this is not a tool you need to use.

Only if use this tool if, if, if.

Warning: "This is a Power User Tool"
He explains that you need to comfortable with technical things.

It'll take weeks to process.

Warning: "This is a Power User Tool", "Most people should NOT use this tool"

If you're doing a reconsideration request then make sure you reference the disavow submissions you've made so they can review that too.

REITERATE (again): "Most people should NOT need to us this"

Matt Cutts Explains

Watch Matt's video for yourself here...


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