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December 16, 2017

20 Google Tools for the Curious

Published: 16 December 2017 

Google has been incredible in helping shape the internet into what it is today. There is no denying their influence. However, to do this, they depend on websites and developers to do their part. They do their best to help with a range of tools to give insights into trends, helping make websites the best they can be to make for a better user experience and to better communication between people worldwide. Here are 20 Google Tools you might not know about that Matter Solutions find useful for any business.

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Google Public Data Explorer – Data Explorer will give visual graphs of public data and forecasts from public institutions and international organisations. It’s great if you want to analyse trends for marketing purposes.

Think Insights – A marketer’s dream, Google Think Insights has everything including statistics, a research library with videos, infographics, planning tools and more.

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Trends – Giving you insights into what is being talked about right now, Google Trends will help marketers identify what’s hot and what’s not.

Correlate – Google Correlate lets you look at search trends of certain keywords. This can help marketers identify the best time to launch campaigns. You can even draw your own graph and let Correlate tell you the keywords that best match it.

Alerts – If you want to keep up-to-date of any mentions of your brand or other things, then setting up an alert from Google Alerts lets you do just that. It gives the opportunity to stay aware of whatever people are talking about here and now.

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Get Your Business Online – GYBO in a Google initiative to help businesses who previously had no online presence to quickly get started on the web with local listing and simple websites.

Voice – Google Voice provides a free phone number you can give instead of using a personal number if that is all you have. You can forward the calls you want to take and text from the number too with an interface that looks like Gmail. You can also track to see how effective this phone number’s placement on your website is.

Webmaster Tools – In one place you can monitor how your website is doing, health and traffic wise. You can also use Google Places for Business here. There are plenty of courses and guides to help you make a great site.

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Google My Business – Make sure your business appears when people are searching for what you have to offer nearby. This is free advertising, so use it!

Developers – Google Developers features amazing tools for those who want to create their own thing. They really encourage it and will help out where they can. This is a must for any developer.

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Keep – Notes, documents, voice memos, pictures and more can all be stored on the Google Drive and synced across multiple devices for easy access with Google Keep. It is a great organisational tool.

Keyword Planner – When you’re aiming for organic SEO, keyword research is needed. Google’s Keyword Planner helps you do just that. Compare trends and find a plan that works for you. You can share this plan with others to have a look at too.

Google Docs and Sheets – Everything your office needs for word processing and data is available thanks to Google Docs and Google Sheets. You can even do real-time collaboration. Be sure to save it to your Google Drive for easy access anywhere or to share with colleagues.

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Consumer Barometer – This tool gives insights into the consumer purchase journey, from consideration to purchase. Look at graphs and curated content to get better ideas with your own campaign.

Test My Site – With more people using mobiles to browse the internet, it is imperative your site is responsive, or Google may not even rank it. Test My Site lets you know how your page is doing for mobile visitors including loading times with a free report.

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Display Benchmarks – Get a better understanding of how your ads do compared to others in the industry with Display Benchmarks. This will give insight into what others in the industry are doing and how you rank.

Shopping Insights –Google Shopping Insights will show you how products and services trend over time. This can be by city, region and season too.

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Google Drive – Many people still don’t know how great Google Drive is! With 15gb of free space, you can easily store documents in the cloud that can be accessed anywhere. You can create links and share these documents with others or invite for collaboration with Google Docs.

Slides – Create and edit impressive presentations online for free with Google Slides. Working with a team? Google makes it easy to collaborate no matter where you are in the world.

Forms – If you need to collect information, Google Forms allows you create surveys to put on your website or to send out. Use Forms for gathering e-mail addresses for newsletters or even to add a fun quiz.

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