February 24, 2016

The Hunt Is On - Our Quest for the Best Coffee in Fortitude Valley

Published: 24 February 2016 

Like every other self respecting Aussie, everyone here in the office loves a good cup of coffee. After many years in South Bank we had our usual haunts pretty well hashed out, but with the recent move to the Valley the connoisseurs among us are on the hunt for the best coffee around. We thought it would be a great opportunity to test the waters (or the coffees) and let everyone know what we think. Whenever we try out a new place, we’ll give you the rundown on whether it’s worth the loose change in your pocket or not.

Reverends Coffee Co.
Friday, 4th March


Reverends Coffee Co.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me: $4.30

TUCEM (Time Until Coffee Enters Mouth): Longer than usual.*

Banter/Atmos rating: Feelin the vibe.

Coordinates:  372 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.

When it hits 11am on a Friday and you’re yet to consume even a slight aroma of Caffeine, your appreciation of a finely roasted bean is sky high. Fortunately enough, after stumbling down Brunswick St on a mid-morning break from work, my appreciation turned to reality when I  ran into local coffee proprietor, Reverends. Upon entering said cafe, I was pleasantly and kindly greeted by both a young man and woman who promptly asked for my order. A standard long black. Sitting down waiting for my brew, the atmosphere offered a chilled escape from the hustle and bustle of the Fortitude Valley going on just outside. The wait from ordering my coffee to receiving it, was a little on the long side, but the male barista with blonde locks was more a craftsmen than just your average barista, because the wait was well worth it.  My first sip re-invigorated my love for a good coffee. Perhaps there was bias involved due to my time between coffees, but the folks at Reverends certainly know how to grind and roast.


The French Food Shop
Wednesday, 24th Feb

Price: $4.50 (large)

Time: Very quick

Atmosphere: Super friendly

This place was a pleasant surprise, when I walked past there was nobody manning the register, but after a few seconds of waiting someone came bustling up to take my order. When the coffee was ready in a matter of moments, I was a little worried that the hasty preparation would result in a less tasty finished product, but no. This is good stuff! Delicious but also nice and strong, and the quick prep meant I could stop in without worrying about my watch ticking past nine. I don’t know the barista’s name, but she was super friendly and the coffee shop had a good vibe too . The large cup was a little on the small side , which I’ve come to realise is par for the course for the Valley, but everything else was pretty rad. Because this is a topic close to our hearts, we're going to do a size comparo of Fortitude Valley's finest cups.

fullcupfullcupfullcuphalf cupcup-303661_960_720


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