September 17, 2012

World – meet Brian the Badger!

Published: 17 September 2012 

Brian has been our office mascot for a few years now. We initially introduced him to the world as part of an experiment to prove that you can rank in Google for any phrase with the right combination of effort and know-how. (Google ‘badgers matter’ to find our furry-faced friend!)

We’ve grown very fond of Brian over the years and have decided there’s no time like the present to officially announce him as part of the team – if Google can have their Panda and Penguin, then we’re going to bust out the Badger!

The tenacious nature of the badger has always appealed to us here at Matter Solutions, and that’s one of the qualities we pride ourselves on as part of our Badger Philosophy. As a symbol of strong will, determination and strategic skills, the badger not only has a friendly face, but the focus and persistence to get the job done.

The badger is often used as a symbol to mark new beginnings and signify change. There’s a lot of exciting new stuff happening at Matter Solutions HQ right now, so we’re bringing Brian out of hiding to let the world know we are here, and we mean business!

Ben Maden

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