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June 26, 2013

What's New At Matter Solutions?

Published: 26 June 2013 

In case you didn't know ... we've moved!

Yes that's right we have moved again and this time we moved to South Brisbane, one giant leap towards the high rises of the big smoke. Our new office is located at 53 Tribune Street and is a short work to Grey Street and the Parklands so to our friends and to our clients, stop by and check out our new abode!

You might have noticed some interactions from new bloggers. We now have added Martin and Nathan to the team. Both will be working heavily with inbound, Martin is a genius level marketing strategist and Nathan is a multi-talented YouTube celebrity who does all our video and has now taken over a lot of our web and graphic design.

On Monday morning Nathan and I got together with Christian from KOMPAN to film a video with GoPro and handheld of children playing on two of the finest playgrounds in QLD. If you haven't been out to Calamvale or Robelle Domain playgrounds, I implore you to do so. Stay tuned to view the complete production.

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