November 26, 2012

Things We Have Learnt Whilst Moving Office...

Published: 26 November 2012 

We are super excited to have relocated to Murarrie, Brisbane! We have plenty of space and are much closer to the city (just 20 minutes away!) Although the Big Move went really smoothly on the day, thanks to Mini Movers and the two strong lads who helped us move everything from A to B (and very fast), there were a few things we learned along the way.

  1. Be prepared to be delayed by Telstra! It's gonna happen so don't let it wind you up and ensure your deadlines don't rely on Telstra.
  2. Yellow Pages actually can be useful! Whilst moving we used the Yellow Pages books to help keep open doors, as a monitor stand, to stand on to reach heights, to build a playhouse in the new office (we're just joking about the last one!)

With our new space and accessible location we have a few upcoming events in mind for our clients and businesses interested in internet marketing. Watch this space 🙂

Ben Maden

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