March 23, 2012

Bring out your Dead Yellow Pages!

Published: 23 March 2012 

When is the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages?

If the answer is the day you plucked it off the drive, soggy and swollen or dry and crispy, then place that sorry excuse for advertising into a recycling bin today.

But Wait...

If you are in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast or Redcliffe then help us collect as many as possible before Friday the 13th of April!

We'd like you to either...

  1. Call into our office in Redcliffe to give us your Yellow Pages, give us a call on 07 3117 2300 to let us know you're coming and we'll put the kettle on, OR
  2. Phone us to find out when we're in your area (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) and we'll arrange to collect your Yellow Pages.

All will be revealed on the 20th of April.

We'll keep this blog post up to date with our progress...


Ben Maden

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One comment on “Bring out your Dead Yellow Pages!”

  1. Hi Ben

    I hope you have a big shredder organized and take a video of it to show everyone. Can't wait to see what you do. I used to use them as monitor stands now I don't use them at all.


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