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April 12, 2017

How to become an authority in your industry

Published: 12 April 2017 

There are many advantages to being perceived as an authority within your industry. People will trust a source who is authoritative. People aren’t going to want to read and share content from someone who doesn’t look like they know what they’re talking about.

So how can you build yourself up to become an authority in your industry?

Write frequently

If you’re claiming to be an expert in your industry, then you’ll need to prove it. What better way to do so than by publishing frequent blog posts. This is a great way to convey you actually know something about the field you’re claiming to be an authority in. Make sure what you’re writing about is not only relevant to your field, but is something your readers will be interested in reading and sharing. If you’re bored writing it, why would anyone want to read it? Always write content that is original and interesting.

Make sure you don’t just post to your own blog. Reach out to the influencers in your industry and publish guest posts. This will not only increase traffic flow to your website, but increase your authority. The more people see your business’ name, the more their trust will increase. Connecting with influencers is a great way to expand your network and get your name more well known.

Communication is vital

Communication is key. Make sure you keep in contact with your clients - after all, they’re the ones who have chosen to do business with you. Ensure you are in frequent contact with your clients, whether that is daily, weekly, fortnightly. Make sure your employees know this is an expectation and that they are contacting the clients.

Other people know you’re an authority

So you think you’re an authority in your industry - but who else is going to believe your opinion? Instead of self-promotion, rely on testimonials. Have a client who was happy with your business? Why not leave their quote on your website. It can even be as simple as receiving a compliment on social media and reposting it.

Word of mouth is highly influential, so people are going to believe what others say about your business. Instead of trying to tell people how great you are, let other people do it for you.

Speak at events

Speaking at events or conferences is a great way to boost yourself in the industry. After all, if you’re speaking at a conference, people are already there to see you. They already consider you to be somewhat of an expert. Conferences are a great way to raise awareness of your business. If you were able to hold an interesting conference, you are sure to get invites to future conferences, further boosting your reputation.  

User experience

Your website should be designed with the user in mind. It should look professional, while also being easy to navigate. If it’s not, why would people want to stay on the website? If your site doesn’t look professional or trustworthy, then you’re never going to be perceived as an authority (not to mention the damage you’ll do to your SEO and conversions). Invest in the design of your website and make sure to keep it fresh and up to date.  

Keep up to date

Keep on top of changes happening within your industry. As an authoritative figure, you’ll want to be on the forefront of the latest news that will be important to you and your audience. Consider writing about any changes or developments in your business’ blog. If you’re going to take this approach, make sure you write about any changes in a timely manner. You don’t want to be writing about a new update a week after it was announced. Writing about new announcements will help you to be seen as a leader in your industry and increase your authority.

Get creative

If you’re wanting to get more attention, think outside the box. This is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine. Don’t just write blog posts. Instead, why not expand and consider creating videos? Videos are increasing in popularity, and have high levels of engagement. You could even consider creating webinars, where people are charged to learn from your business. If you’re not quite ready to commit to filming and editing full length videos, consider live videos. More and more social media platforms are jumping on the bandwagon, so why not use this to your advantage to showcase your business.

If video isn’t your thing, why not consider podcasts? This is especially easy to do if you’ve already perfected your communication skills from doing conferences. You don’t even have to start with your own podcast - if you know someone else already doing one, why not approach them and be a guest speaker. Podcasts will help expand your audience, without having to go to the effort of speaking in front of a conference hall.

If you’d rather stick to writing, it’s a good idea to consider publishing an ebook. They can be a helpful resource and are a great way to increase your conversions. If you’ve got new, interesting content that you know people will want to read and share, consider putting it in an ebook.

Following these steps will help to ensure you not only increase your audience and traffic flow, but are truly perceived as an authority in your industry.

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