July 4, 2013

The Internship: Matter Solutions

Published: 4 July 2013 

I'm the latest addition to the Matter Solutions team, as of one day, two snicker bars and 6 hours ago. I came to Matter Solutions as a Journalism graduate looking to get some experience in copy writing and was welcomed on board as an intern this week.

With a background in article writing for arts publications and not a huge amount of experience with digital strategies, I have a lot to learn about digital marketing and effective, quality copywriting. Luckily for me I have come to the right place.

An event called 'Maximising Your Return on Digital Content', presented by Interactive Minds, happened to be on the first day of my internship and was a great insight into social media use, digital content strategies and effective business management of these channels.

After this event Nige, the General Manager, introduced me to the Matter Solutions Team. I have to say, the glowing Darth Vader mask on the wall of the 'coding cave' is an absolutely fantastic touch.

I've been enjoying adapting to a new writing style and learning about digital marketing from Ben, Matter Solutions' web consultant. I am also very grateful that the team takes the time to explain unfamiliar terms and concepts to me when they are met with a blank expression, reminiscent of a deer in headlights.


Ben Maden

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