November 1, 2011

Movember 2011 - Ben Begins

Published: 1 November 2011 

1st of November again and Ben has begun Movember for another year.

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The Goals

I have two goals here...

1. Raise some money for prostate cancer because too many men think getting checked isn't for them. Wake up!

2. Raise some awareness of Cancer in general, especially the type of cancer that can form deep inside your body without you knowing. Listen to your body and get checked if you suspect anything. Get a second opinion if you want, it is your body.


There are FOUR ways you can help.

1. Give money

The Movember cause is well established and even if you already give generously to charity please consider giving even just a few dollars.

Click here to MAKE A DONATION. This link will take you to my "mospace" page on the movember website (in a new window).

2. Give us a link

Whether or not you make a donation please consider giving us a link on your website or blog.

Use the text below to link here and spread the word. Just copy this HTML and paste it into your website or blog.

I'm helping Ben @ Matter Solutions
raise money for Movember

It'll look like this...

I'm helping Ben @ Matter Solutions
raise money for Movember


3. Facebook

If you're on Facebook, come and "Like Us" for updates about Ben's Mo 🙂

Click to visit (opens in new window).

Then click the LIKE button at the top.

It'd be awesome if you could "Suggest to friends" - The more people we get following us on Facebook the faster we can spread the word.

Also you can just like this page here

4. Join Movember

It's probably too late for guys to begin growing now BUT anyone can register, Men or Women to give support.

Sign up with Movember or Click here to join my team. NEW

Ben Maden

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