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Ben, our founder, moved to Brisbane (from London) in November 2006.

Almost immediately he discovered that very few networking groups catered to the community of website designers in Brisbane. He then founded Brisbane Web Design, for almost 10 years it was a very popular meet-up group for website designers, digital marketers and online entrepreneurs of all kinds.

As a team in 2012 Matter Solutions chose to support the charity Childhood Cancer Support. We took part in their Take Like A Pirate Day over the years and even had a whole Digital Marketing Workshop raising money for CCS dressed as pirates.

We've written a few blog posts over the years that refer to our communities, digital and local. These are listed below.

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Articles about Community

March 30, 2018
What Google's Mobile First Index Means for Your SEO Campaign

Google is going through a metamorphosis just like its internet users. As people have moved from using desktop PCs to smartphones and tablets while sitting in a café sipping a latte, […]

January 26, 2018
Firefox Quantum vs Google Chrome

When it comes to web browsers, there are two kinds of people. First, there are those for whom every web browser is essentially interchangeable. This first type of person just wants […]

January 9, 2018
The Pomodoro Technique: What it is and why we are fans

When it comes to time management, many of us struggle. We end up taking up more time than planned, working on projects, overestimate timings or get distracted by meetings and other […]

December 22, 2017
20 Office Exercises We Do in Secret

Are you one of the millions of people with a desk job? While you may seem busy working away, the inactivity your body faces by sitting down all day is actually […]

December 1, 2017
Biometric Verification is Slowly Replacing Your Passwords and You Probably Haven't Noticed

“Your password is too short.” “Your password must contain at least one upper case and one lower case letter.” “Your password must contain a special character: !,.().” Sound familiar? Passwords are […]

November 10, 2017
Facebook’s Crackdown on Fake News

Social media took the world by storm with nearly 2.5 billion people having an account on at least one platform. People often use their social media accounts to read and share […]

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