July 12, 2017

When is the best time to write content?

Published: 12 July 2017 

When you’re sitting down to write content for your blog, you want to do it when you’re feeling most productive. Otherwise, you may end up with writer’s block and ultimately won’t end up with the best return on investment.

But when exactly is the best time to write content? Is there actually a scientifically proven time, or does it all come down to personal preference? After all, some of us function far better in the morning, whereas others need a few coffees and will write better by the time the afternoon ticks around. Does the perfect time even exist?

It turns out, you’re better at different things in the morning than at night.

What will come as no surprise to those who are creative, ideas tend to come at the least ideal times. When you’re focused, you’re often concentrated on one task. While you may be more alert and focused, you’re actually limiting your creativity because you’re focused on a limited number of activities. When you’re tired, you aren’t as focused, and therefore can be more creative. Therefore, you will find you are most creative when you’re doing activities where you produce dopamine. This includes showering, running, and dreaming.

However, dopamine alone isn’t enough to trigger creativity. After all, dopamine is produced in hundreds of activities and doesn’t always result in creativity. The other crucial factor is the distraction. If you’re focused on one task but not getting anywhere, sometimes a distraction can actually be the solution.

So you need to have the right state of mind to be creative and write the best content. But what time of day will you achieve this? There are pros and cons to both times of the day.

Why you should write in the morning

There is scientific research which says writing in the morning is the best. There are several reasons for this:

1. We have more willpower in the morning. We only have a limited amount of willpower. In the morning, your willpower hasn’t been used on anything else yet. Once your willpower gets used up, we have less motivation and are therefore less likely to be able to write good quality content. If you’re wanting to take advantage of your peak creative period, start writing before you do anything else in the day. Avoid checking emails or social media - do your creative writing before this, and check social media as a reward for getting your writing done.

2. We’re in a better mood. People who aren’t morning people and need coffee to survive might disagree with this point. But if you wake up in a good mood, nothing has happened yet to put you in a bad mood. Being in a good mood makes it much easier to write than when you’re in a bad mood.

3. Creativity is most active. It is scientifically proven that the area of the brain that is linked to creativity is most active right after we have slept. As the day continues, this creativity diminishes, and the analytic side of our brain kicks in and becomes more active. Because of this, it’s often considered best to write in the morning, and edit in the afternoon.

So that’s it - it’s best to write in the morning? Not so fast. There are also positive reasons to write content in the afternoon or evening.

Why you should write in the evening

1. Fewer distractions. You’ve already checked your social media. You’ve finished with work. After work hours you’re not going to be worried about responding to someone while they’re still in the office. You have fewer distractions and can, therefore, write more uninterrupted. You will be able to give all of your focus to your writing, rather than trying to multitask.

2. You’re not rushing. During the day you’re trying to finish tasks by a certain deadline. You’re probably trying to do numerous things at once, all while checking your work emails. Once work is done, you’re not in a rush to get things done by the close of business. You can take your time, and really dedicate yourself to your writing. You’ll find when you’re not rushing, you’ll end up with higher quality content.

3. Fatigue can help. Your creativity can actually be boosted when you’re slightly fatigued. As mentioned earlier, when you’re focused, you’re limiting your levels of creativity. When you’re tired, your mind tends to wander, which allows you to come up with ideas you wouldn’t if you were alert and focused. Because your willpower is already spent, it will stop you from changing your ideas. Therefore, fatigue can actually help you produce creative content you otherwise may not have written before.

So when is the best time to write creative content?

In the end, it really depends on when you can build a habit that works best for you. Find which time means you’re more productive and write at that time every day. Don’t swap from morning to evening each day. Instead, pick the best time and start writing then every day. This way you will be able to build a habit and you will be more prepared to write at this time every day. Knowing these factors should help you pick an ideal time of day when it’s best for you to write content.

What time of day do you write content? Let us know in the comments.

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