Indian Outsource SEO Spam

We’re being spammed many times by lots of Indian Outsource SEO or Outsource Web Development companies.

Not only do we get countless emails, but we also now get quite a lot of form submissions.

One particular Indian outsource company that wants us to outsource SEO and Web Development work to them claims that they already work with our competitors.  They seemed to have decided that form submissions are the way to get my attention.

Okay, it has worked.

The first few times I asked them to stop it, but now we’ve had multiple submissions over just last night and that is just crazy.

Goal Tracking Messed Up

Goal Tracking is a great thing for every website. I gave a presentation is Brisbane to the Brisbane Web Design Meetup Group explaining how and why every website owner should use Google Analytics to the max.

The way it works is to count each and every form submission as the “GOAL” achieved by the website.

Naturally we have Google Analytics with Goal Tracking installed. It helps us to measure the effectiveness of the website, i.e. the number of visitors (y) versus the number of enquiries (x).

These many bogus submissions making the number of enquiries (x) an unreliable figure and we now have to discount this number so we can compare it with past data, quite a pain.

Will we buy from these guys? No…

  1. Being harassed isn’t good. They’re unable to track who they’re targeting or just don’t care.
  2. I’ve asked them politely many times to stop contacting us, they seem unable to acknowledge or respect these emails.
  3. Working with a company that deals with competitors we’re outperforming isn’t good either. Why would we lower our level of quality?
  4. It seems a bit odd they’re chasing us to compete with their own clients. I wonder if their clients know.

BEWARE the outsourcing spammers! 🙂

Spam rules

I have some cool inbox rules that detect and remove messages from many of these blanket emails from Indian Outsourcing SEO and Web Development companies. If you’re interested in getting a copy of these rules send us an enquiry. Asking for the “outsource spam rules”.


  1. says

    I have used an Indian company (Submitinme) to try out a 100 directory link service. I found most of the links they submitted to to be variants of a small number of templates. To date only about 3 or 4 of these links are appearing in my yahoo explorer.

    Buy they were darn cheap!


  2. says

    Hi Mate,

    Awesome website I must say, as a fellow designer and marketer, great job, I’ve been looking at your code and content and you certainly have everything covered!

    Yes I get these guys emailing and spamming me all the time as well, maybe 10 to 15 a week, I think every person that has a computer in some specific countries thinks they are an SEO expert LOL.



  3. Shiva says

    Hello Ben,
    Its sad that you had experienced with such SEO companies in India. I am heading a SEO company from India, its just worrying when I read such messages. Why aren’t you able to verify the authenticity of such companies before you could work with them? I have 60 clients around the globe, we are small but we are doing decent. I do have clients from Australia too. But the point is all verified with us before even they paid us. So why weren’t you verifying them before you could proceed with them. Also do you feel that wouldn’t this affect an entire business community which is providing a reasonable and promising service? There are certainly promising companies in India. Your comments are welcome and I would appreciate if you can remove this blog or provide a good response.

    • says

      Shiva, unfortunately it reads to me like you haven’t read my post.

      My concern isn’t about outsourcing per se, it is about the incessant drivel that fills our inboxes and contact forms year after year, i.e. the SPAM that it generates. The same company I referred to here, but refrained from naming, spammed our contact form just a matter of days ago as they have done regularly for years.

      I find the pestering approach unacceptable, simple as that.

    • says

      Strange Comment “incarnate”. As an SEO Expert I suppose you know you’re not getting link juice from a NOFOLLOW comment link, right? And BTW – Lorum Ipsum text throughout your website is not a good sign 🙁

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