Svanhild Egge

Social Media Image Templates

Want to give your social media presence an extra kick? A little while ago, I wrote an article about Optimizing Images for Social Media, where I gave you a run through of all the different image sizes you should keep in mind  … more »

Svanhild Egge

Optimising Images for Social Media

When promoting your business or brand, having the right images is essential for getting your message across. But it’s not just about having the right images – you also need to optimise them for the channel you’re going through. Social  … more »

Belinda Edwards

The power of pictures

In an increasingly cluttered digital world, images and visual content are emerging as valuable marketing tools for any business. While images have always been important for public relations activity, advertising, marketing collateral, websites and other above the line marketing techniques,  … more »

Pat Fleming

New frontiers: Social Commerce

Our meeting with a new e-commerce client today provided us with a new exciting challenge… and we’re pretty sure we have a new exciting solution. The challenges… The client’s current website has been built in Big Cartel, and while it  … more »


What Makes a Viral Video?

Since February 2005 when Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim co-founded YouTube, this social media platform grew into the largest video database and website where anyone can upload their videos and share with the entire world. The world of YouTube consists of  … more »


Facebook and the # hashtag revolution

  It was only a matter of time before Facebook, the most active social network across the world announced the incorporation of the famous # hashtag functionality. The hashtag was created in 2007 by Twitter user Chris Messina as a way to  … more »


New LinkedIn Company Page Design

LinkedIn changed the design of their company pages – and we love it! The new page is more visual and makes it easier for users to access your company information including products, services, career opportunities, company news and insights.    … more »


How do we stop the Trolls?

The issue of cyber-bullying and internet ‘trolling’ is currently a hot discussion topic online and in the media. A troll is: “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the primary intent of provoking readers into  … more »


17 Tips to Promote Videos on YouTube

If you are planning to promote or sell your product online, there is nothing better than a famous video attracting high quality traffic that ultimately converts to sales. However, it’s not an easy thing to do with millions of videos  … more »