Google Search Console: Web Tools for beginners

Difficulty: Beginner

The Web Tools tab can arm you with so much valuable information that can be used to improve your website.

Make sure you check out this beginners guide GSC, as you should have an understanding of the basics before moving on to Google Web Tools. Ok, let's start with a breakdown section by section.

Ad Experience Report

This report is used to identify any violations in terms of ad experience, that your website might be having.

By this, it means is there something bad or annoying that users of your website might be experiencing when viewing ads on your website. The report will look at your sites behaviours, layout and content to determine this.

  • [mttr_icon icon=desktop =medium]Desktop: like the names says this judges the user ad experience of your website when viewing on a desktop computer.
  • [mttr_icon icon=mobile =medium] Mobile: this judges the user ad experience of your website when viewing on a mobile device.

Testing Tools

The testing tools are more advanced tools for website back-ends.

They are used to test the structured data (format for providing Google with your pages information and the page's content) of your website and HTML email.

  • [mttr_icon icon=layers =medium]Structured Data Testing Tool: Google will test whether they can resolve your structured data and display it in search results.
  • [mttr_icon icon=adjustments =medium] Structured Data Markup Helper: A tool that will get you started adding structured data markup to your website. To clarify structured data markup is the type of structured data on your website. These types of structured data are microdata, microformats, and RFDa. For more info on this topic; here.
  • [mttr_icon icon=mail =medium]Email Markup Tester: This tool is the same as the above two tools, but for a HTML email. A HTML email is an email that is structured like a website, i.e. with formatting and images. You would receive these types of emails from companies quite often, looking a lot like a newsletter.

Other Resources

These are links to the other resources offered by Google to further improve your website.

  • [mttr_icon icon=building =medium]Google My Business:A fantastic and simple tool used to edit the information about where a business is located, the opening hours, photos of your business and customer reviews and photos. Note that verification of your business through Google is required.
  • [mttr_icon icon=shop =medium] Google Merchant Centre:allows you to upload your store and product data to Google, and thereafter make it available for shopping ads and other services.
  • [mttr_icon icon=speedometer =medium]PageSpeed Insight: a tool which will tell you how to make your webpages faster across all devices.
  • [mttr_icon icon=icon-search =medium]Custom Search: a tool which will allow you to implement a search box or field, into your website.
  • [mttr_icon icon=global =medium]Google Domains: Google's way of getting you online and manage your domains (the address name given to a web server or web page) easier. Allows you to find, buy, transfer and manage your domains.
  • [mttr_icon icon=graduation-cap =medium]Webmaster Academy: teaches you how to create a website and have it found in Google. We have a pretty good idea about how to do that too…

Search Console

Links you back to your Google Search Console homepage.

Google Search Console makes your website experience easier, but if you think you’d like a professional to do all of this for you, give us a call to find out what we can do for you.


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