A complete guide to help you increase your conversions

Difficulty: Beginner
Every business will aim to have a large number of conversions. After all, it means you’ll have a high sales volume. But achieving this can be a struggle for some businesses. There are a few simple things every business can do to help increase your conversions: Improve your opt-in form If people see a long…

Improve Your Opt-In Form

If people see a long email opt-in form, chances are they aren’t going to want to fill out a long, convoluted form. To encourage conversions, you want people to be able to fill out your form as quickly as possible. Try removing a few sections from your form, and ask for as little information as possible. Consider removing information you don’t really need, such as phone numbers.

Asking For Too Many Details

Do you need your shoppers to register before they checkout? This may prevent some people from completing the checkout and you’ll ultimately lose money. Instead, offer the option for people to complete their transaction as a guest, with the option to sign up at the end. People will be far more likely to join once their purchase has been made, than being forced to join beforehand.

Strong Call To Action

When you want your customers to do something, often the best strategy is to just clearly state it. Make sure it’s obvious what you want the customers to do, whether that be fill out a form, read content or click subscribe. Make sure it’s also easy to see your call to action – display it at the top of the page above the fold so it stands out. If there’s too many distracting elements on your landing page, people won’t know what action they’re supposed to take, and you won’t have any conversions..

Clear Contact Information

Make sure it’s easy to find out how to contact your business. Ensure you include all your details, including phone number, physical address (if necessary), email address or live chat options. This will help the customers know that they are able to contact an actual person if need be, and that you will be able to help answer their questions.


Word of mouth is strong thing, and if someone else has had a positive experience with a company, then that will be an important factor in purchasing decisions. Consider adding a few positive customer testimonials on your website. This will also increase the trust factor of your website. If a potential customer can see someone has had a positive experience with your business in the past, they will be more likely to complete their transaction with you.


Do you include a guarantee? Guarantees help to increase a customer’s confidence and they will be more likely to make a purchase. If you have a guarantee, try testing out different lengths. Having a longer guarantee will also increase conversions. Test different lengths to see the difference in conversion rates. Just make sure you can deliver on your guarantee – if you know you can deliver within 7 days, it’s good to consider guaranteeing 10 day delivery.

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Is your website user friendly and accessible? Can the reader get to where they need to within three clicks? Test out your website and make sure it’s easy to navigate. After all, your website should be designed with the user in mind. If it’s not user friendly, you risk losing customers, and will end up with a low conversion rate.

AB Testing

A/B testing is a technique which will increase your website’s conversion rate. So if you had two headlines to use on your website, you would make two different versions and test those to see which responds better. A/B testing will send 50% of the traffic to one site, 50% to the other, and see which site has more people completing the call to action. You then know which is the more effective option to use for more conversions.


Is your website full of professional, business talk jargon that actually doesn’t mean anything? Make sure everything on your website is something the customer will find useful and meaningful. Imagine you’re explaining your product or service to a friend. If that’s different to what’s on the website, rephrase it.

Value Proposition

Your landing page should include a unique value proposition. You want this to be something short and snappy that convinces people to do business with your company. When writing a value proposition, make sure you check out what the competition uses, so yours is individual and stands out. Make sure you don’t use any jargon. It needs to be straight to the point and really sell what your brand has to offer. Think about why people should buy from your business, rather than a competitors, and use that as your value proposition.

Increased Trust

When is the last time you purchased anything, or even gave your email address to an untrustworthy website? Chances are you never have.

To gain conversions, it’s important that you make your website look trustworthy. You can do this by:

Using testimonials: as previously mentioned, people will trust your website more if they know someone else has already used your product or service.
Contactable: make it easy for people to be able to access your contact information, and make sure it’s always up to date.
Update your content: make sure you update your blog and social media accounts frequently. People aren’t going to think you’re in business if you haven’t updated it in six months.
Have a professional design: people will leave your website instantly if they don’t think it’s trustworthy. Hire a designer and ensure your landing page looks as professional as possible.
Avoid errors: nothing screams unprofessional more than an error. This can be something as simple as a spelling or grammar error, to something bigger such as a broken link or a 404 error. Remember to maintain your website to keep it error free.

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Add Inicentives

You want to increase your conversions, so you need to make people stop consider buying your item, and actually make the purchase. To help this process, you need to introduce an element of scarcity. This can either be related to quantity – 2 seats left at this price – or time-related – last day to buy at this price. Just make sure this deal is authentic. If you’re lying to your customers, they will find out, and you will lose your trustworthiness.
Implementing these factors on your website will ensure you will have an increase conversion rate.