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Duplicate Directory Listings

Difficulty: Beginner

If you find a duplicate/incorrect directory listing and can't access it - don't be the idiot and make another.

Business directories play a crucial role in local SEO. An expert SEO will tell you that (1) users of Google are always looking for businesses and (2) Google will give higher rankings to domains that can show their ability to be both relevant and local. So it’s safe to say that having frequent, consistent and up-to-date directory listings is a benefit to businesses and local SEO efforts.

But what if a business directory has a duplicate or incorrect listing? Does it matter?

Short answer: Yes

There are a lot of reasons to not let it slide but for the most part, multiple directory listings can hinder a business’ organic rankings and could hurt in the long-run. As opposed to popular thought, making multiple listings for your business kill your rankings and not aid them. Let’s be clear:


...Google makes it very clear that you can’t do this and not feel the wrath of the gods. If you choose to walk the chosen path of disobedience you could suffer the following:

  • Some listings can outrank others and you won’t know it. One listing may rank well but it could have the wrong business details attached to it, of which, will expose your customers to incorrect info and you losing business
  • Google likes consistent and correct information. If it doesn’t get that we can guarantee your average SERP position for business locale will be driven into the ground
  • Business reviews can be impacted by duplicate listings. Google will not display reviews from business listings that aren’t consistent and correct. Reviews matter with consumer decision making and it could be the difference between a sale and your competitor getting the business.
  • Multiple incorrect directory listings can spark a domino effect of replicate listings across different sites and thus making more work so the sooner you can get to it, the better.

Sometimes multiple directory listings aren’t the product of human creation and have sprung up thanks to automatic generation. If that’s the case then you should be able to claim the listing and merge/delete’ the listing.

There are some businesses in the greater web that are dedicated to cleaning up directory dupes. These businesses are:

Make every effort to clean up your business directory listings. It may take a significant amount of time but like Maybelline - it’s worth it.


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