How to set up Facebook Messenger Ads

Difficulty: Beginner

Have you thought about making ads for Facebook Messenger as well as traditional Facebook ads?

Why should you have ads in a messaging app?

Before setting up your ads, you need to know why you should even bother having ads in a messaging app in the first place.

Messaging apps are continuing to rise in popularity. In fact, so many people are now using messaging apps that they are overtaking social networks themselves. Messaging apps attract hundreds of millions of monthly active users.

Types of ads

There are a few different ways you can have ads on messaging apps.

Types of ads include:

Sponsored Ads: This allows businesses to directly liaise with customers. However, people must have previously started a conversation with the brand

Messenger Ads: These are located in the home tab of Messenger. These are available to be seen by everyone, not just those who have previously had conversations with the brand. When people tap on the ad, they will be redirected to either your website or a Messenger conversation.

Click To Messenger Ads: If people interact with an ad on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram, businesses will be able to drive personalised messages with their potential customers.

In June 2017, Facebook introduced the global expansion of the Messenger ads.

How do you set up Facebook Messenger ads?

Now you know what Facebook Messenger ads are and why you should have them, the next step is knowing how to set up Facebook Messenger ads.


Once you have done this, you will be ready to go live with your Facebook Messenger ad.


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