March 21, 2010

SEO Prices - Frequently Asked Questions

Published: 21 March 2010 

What do I pay for when buying an SEO service?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best solutions when you're looking for efficient Internet advertising. It does though requires time, resources and a long-term commitment to outranking competition. To make it effective your SEO team cannot take shortcuts when comparing and choosing keywords or when analyzing competitor websites. Apart from analyzing the website, finding the most valuable keywords and devising an SEO strategy a significant amount of time is usually spent of optimising the website. This includes checking and making small but important changes to multiple pages on your site (sometimes all).

The most time and cost consuming part of SEO is link building. At the same time it gives the best results. Good links are hard to acquire, but they are essential to rank well in the search engines.

How should I compare SEO pricing?

Comparing SEO services and their pricing is not an easy task. Prices should always be compared based on the quality of the service being offered, and ultimately upon the results that will be achieved. As hard as it is to do it beforehand, we can give you a few tips.

Do not compare SEO packages by comparing the number of directory submissions offered by an SEO company or even by the promised number of links. Why? Because two strong links can help your site immensely more than a couple hundred of poor links. Comparing the raw number of offered links isn't of much help.

Always ask for a specific quote for your site with an explanation of what will be included in the optimisation process and what results are expected to be achieved. Only then compare the offers presented by different SEO experts.

Should I buy links?

Generally, we do not recommend buying links. Although we do offer link-building services, this is not the same as simply buying links online. Buying links can be risky for two reasons:

  1. You don't know what you're getting. Many websites selling links do not offer links worth the money they demand.
  2. Search engines frown on the practice of buying links. If they detect such an activity, they will usually disregard the suspicious links making your efforts futile.

Our link-building service is safe. Rather than selling links, we focus on all the search engine ranking factors that are needed to make your website achieve good results. You can be sure that we will never acquire bad links for your site. On the contrary, we will find the best link opportunities for your website, so that you will benefit from real online traffic increases.

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