June 15, 2010

Affordable SEO - Is Budget SEO Really Worth It?

Published: 15 June 2010 

SEO - local vs. off-shore

It can be tempting to take the cheap way out. We know that by being a local Australian company our prices are incredibly higher compared with offshore companies, especially those from South East Asia.  But beware, you need to understand the difference in what is being offered.

Everybody knows that cheaper does not equate to better value.  With an off-shore SEO company, you can expect cheap offshore SEO options that are dated, tactically risky, black hat link building tactics, and little or no legal protection should any issue arise.

Doing it right means doing it long term. SEO is done right when the focus is on the future. Why go to the trouble of building a website and paying someone to do what works for a short time when that investment crashes down in the near future? Why risk your entire digital brand on small monetary gains now when you can get your SEO done properly, by a local provider who deals in transparency, honesty and a rational approach for huge and stable monetary gains in the future?

If your objective is to have repeat and loyal customers and to maintain your digital brand well into the future,  contact us today now to get your SEO done properly.

Ben Maden

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