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November 28, 2014

10 SEO Myths Web Designers Should Be Aware Of

Published: 28 November 2014 

SEO Myths Presentation

Presented at Brisbane Web Design Meetup Group, 20th November 2014

We love our monthly meetups with some of the best local web designers, developers and business people. It’s always a fun night with a creative vibe and a lively atmosphere. At the most recent event on November 20, we were celebrating 8 years of having these regular meetups. When you think about what the world of web design looked like back then, it’s really kind of amazing! So much has changed, but the enthusiasm and community spirit of the industry in Brisbane has only grown better.

Matter Solution’s very own SEO ninja Nemek Nowaczyk made a presentation about the 10 SEO myths that every web designer should be aware of. What people think works with SEO and what actually works in reality can be very different things.

Check out the presentation below and don’t forget to share it around if you think your colleagues and friends might believe these SEO myths.

10 SEO Myths from Matter Solutions

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