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  • “Matter Solutions handle our AdWords, keep us in the loop and really focus on leads that we can convert into Sales”

    Carly, Owner/Manager – Point to Point Education

  • Want more leads and heard AdWords was fast?

    • Looking for answers?
    • Need a trustworthy provider?
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    You should look at what the people who’ve made mistakes before are looking for too.

  • Got an AdWords Campaign right now and tired of chasing your manager for answers + results?

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    • We’re not for everyone, if we can’t help, we’ll tell you.
  • “Matter have helped us reduce our spend on AdWords, and Digital but we now get more leads and sales than ever before”

    Aaron Giddings, Founder of Aarons Outdoor

  • Clients all over Australia

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  • How It Works

  • Launch

    1. Consultation with a Google Qualified Professional
    2. Expert Set-Up by a Senior Manager
    3. Custom Management with weekly calls, more if needed
    4. Setup Conversion Tracking
    5. Monthly Reports
  • Climb to Profit

    1. Moving the campaign levers to make it more profitable
    2. Focusing in on the core-clicks that make you money
    3. Being ready to scale up
    4. Tune and Optimise
    5. Frequent updates, weekly/fortnightly
  • Cruise & Profit

    1. Line the campaign up into a sweet zone
    2. Confidently make money for every dollar spent
    3. Flexible: Reduce your spend on ad-management if you want to cruise, or
    4. … boost the campaign by returning to the climb phase (needs more ad-spend too)
    5. Management calls every 2-3 weeks, more if competitors necessitate changes
    6. We’ll highlight to you if your campaign hits some turbulence
    7. Monthly Reports
  • Want to see how we can help you?
    Call us on 07 3117 2300.

  • How long does it take?

    Travelling from Launch & Climb through to Cruise takes 10-16 weeks.

    The actual time depends on how fierce the competition is and how much you want to spend on ad-clicks. More ad-spend gives us data faster to guide the campaign onto the profit path.

    Use the form below to tell us your keywords and your website and we can call you back. The first thing we’ll want to do is work out what set-up costs there might be, typically $200-450 and how long it’ll take to get to the “cruise” phase.

  • How much will it cost?

    Ad-Clicks – You pay Google

    A typical small business, one with some competitive players but room to enter, means we recommend budgeting $30-60 per day for ads.

    AdWords Management Service

    Our management fee begins at $90+gst per week when we’re launching and getting a profit path. When we reach the “cruise” you’ll need less hands on work from us and we will recommend dropping the management fee down to $65+gst per week.

  • Get in touch

    We want to help you.

    Fill out the form below, or give us a call on 07 3117 2300.

    • Tell us about your business, the keywords you think matter and what leads you need.
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  • “One of the greatest decisions I’ve made for my business was these guys, and since you have taken on my account things have never been better. Great work guys and great communication with Sam himself. Thank you for being reliable and I look forward to continuing working together.”

    Adam – Proprietor of QLD House Restumping

    Sam is our AdWords Team Manager. All new campaigns are setup under his close supervision. This is why we take on a limited number of new clients per week. Around 4-8 per week depending on their size.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you handle large businesses?

    Yes, our approach to AdWords management for small businesses was sharpened and honed by managing large campaigns. The skills we use to make large campaigns profitable are almost exactly the same as we use for small businesses too. If you are a large business fill in the form, we’d love to help you.

    What’s the catch?

    The service we describe here is specifically tailored to small businesses. We aren’t able to manage spends of $2,000 per month, i.e. about $65 per day with the sort of management fee mentioned above. We are flexible so its worth noting that some exceptions exist e.g. large but simple campaigns – talk to us for more details.

    Do you outsource?

    No. We don’t even let Google do the account build for clients. As a Google Partner we’re able to ask Google staff to do the work for us. We don’t. We win and lose accounts based on our skills. Google employees don’t, we’re focused on what matters for you.

    What if I want to cancel?

    Send an email to adwords@mattersolutions.com.au and we’ll take one last payment and continue the work to the end of the following week, then stop, so you only need to give one weeks notice.

    What if I want to complain?

    Sadly we hear that people have felt ripped off by past AdWords Managers all over Australia, we even hear this about competitors we know in Brisbane too. The problems we’ve seen range from (very) poor communication to inept staff or downright laziness.

    Most people don’t understand how AdWords works and we believe our efforts to explain it in layman terms will help you understand what we’re doing and why. Our higher price per week for the Launch (phase one) and Climb to Profit (phase two) are higher so our staff can spend time on the phone with you to get it right.

    We have a track record of delivering great results but if at any time you don’t feel like the work we’ve done has been first class then you’re welcome to email Ben Maden, our Director, directly at ben@mattersolutions.com.au and he’ll call you back and our team will do all we can to make it right.

  • Do you work with Tradies?

    We love working with Tradies. People know how to find plumbers, electricians and roofers (etc). They search in Google with specific sets of keywords in the right locations. With experience this is straight-forward to set-up, meaning a nice low set-up fee, and usually quick to climb and cruise.

    What guarantees do you offer?

    We don’t offer blanket guarantees.

    As mentioned above, AdWords is hard to understand and giving up before you get to profit and “cruise” is a complete waste of time (for us) and money (for you).

    Will you work with our competitor?

    Yes, unless you want to offer us an incentive to only work with you, i.e. an exclusivity agreement, and that doesn’t conflict with any existing clients (in a specific location).

    Confidentiality is very important. We want to know all about your leads and existing marketing, we know this can only be done well if we’re able to earn your trust.

    No competitor would ever learn about your campaign with us. The same goes for you too. Your budget, your ads and your keywords are all kept as confidential details of your campaign.

    How long will it take to get started?

    From the day you complete the enquiry form you can be up and running within a week. Faster is possible, but unrealistic.

    What do I need to pay and when?

    All our payments for the launch+cruise package are automatically taken by debit or credit card each Tuesday morning. Before we start you must complete an online form (we’ll send you a custom link) to accept the terms of business, and pay the set-up fee, and agree that we can deduct the weekly fees too.

    Larger businesses can have invoice based accounts, these are priced to suit requirements and start from $550+gst per month and enable you to spend significantly more on Google AdWords Ad-Clicks.

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