Yogababy had always been on top of the search landscape for pregnancy-related yoga terms in the Brisbane area. They noticed they had recently started slipping and contacted Matter Solutions to see what we could do or at least find out why the rankings were dropping.

Where did we start?

We started off by doing a full audit to find out where they were ranking, who their competitors were and the major SEO issues that would need to be fixed. Below was their rankings before any work was done, as you can see they were doing well for the largest search keywords.

Keyword Volume Initial Position September 2017
Keyword 1 High 1
Keyword 2 High 1
Keyword 3 High 7
Keyword 4 High 2
Keyword 5 Medium 18
Keyword 6 Medium 2
Keyword 7 Medium 4
Keyword 8 Medium 3
Keyword 9 Low 3
Keyword 10 Low 6
Keyword 11 Low 1


Challenges & Solutions

There were several challenges we faced during the course of the project and we were able to overcome these and provide solutions that provided value to the client.


One of the first things we identified was issues with their map listings, this was incredibly important as they were aiming to rank locally in the Brisbane area. There were inconsistencies in the listings and multiple businesses on one of the addresses.


We went about verifying the Google My Business properties and editing the details, specifically the addresses. We also performed a NAP (Name, Address & Phone) audit to check directory listings for Yogababy, it is important to make sure that directories are consistent with the location of your business.



Optimising your Google My Business listing is incredibly important if you want your website to rank well for local keywords. If Google doesn’t know where your business is how can it rank you in the correct location?


There were a number of issues here, for starters the meta descriptions on the website were all duplicated – definitely not optimised! Most pages didn’t have optimised headings, they had incorrect heading tags and weren’t using the most important keywords. Some pages didn’t have the best URL structure for the keywords it was targeting. Content was also an issue, we did a full content audit of the website and found a number of problems including not enough content, misleading content and more.


We went through and set individual meta descriptions for all of the pages, we were confident this would increase click-through rate from Google search. Next, we optimised keywords in the headings on the main pages we were focusing on ranking. A few pages also required a URL structure change and redirect setup from the old page to the new page. Finally, we tackled the larger issue of content; this was specifically focused around a few keywords that the client wanted to improve rankings for. This content update included a few changes by us and outlining which pages needed additional content, it was agreed upon that the client would add it themselves.



Onsite Optimisation? This is often one of the “quickest wins” in SEO, changes made can affect rankings very quickly and drastically. Optimising your content should always be a priority as well as headings and page names as they all contribute to how Google reads your page.


Keyword Volume Initial Position September 2017 Position after November 2017
Keyword 1 High 1 1
Keyword 2 High 1 2
Keyword 3 High 7 3
Keyword 4 High 2 1
Keyword 5 Medium 18 2
Keyword 6 Medium 2 1
Keyword 7 Medium 4 8
Keyword 8 Medium 3 3
Keyword 9 Low 3 1
Keyword 10 Low 6 2
Keyword 11 Low 1 1

Bolded were the focus keywords to improve for the SEO package. So we saw some great results after the work was done, the two main focus keywords the client wanted to move up drastically improved. Overall a number of keywords improved including keyword 3, keyword 4 and keyword 6 which was a great result. During the audit we looked into the competitors and found that one in particular had started a SEO link building campaign in April 2017 and had been surging up the rankings. Unfortunately, we saw two keywords drop in rankings, Keyword 2 lost position 1 to the competitor we identified as using a SEO link building campaign. Keyword 7 likely moved down to natural fluctuations, we hadn’t changed anything on this page but it also wasn’t a large focus for the client.

The most important thing for us was hearing that the client had actually felt the difference in their business, having received much more enquiries related to Keyword 5.

“I contacted Matter Solutions to see what SEO could be done to help my website rank better in Google. We had always ranked quite well but felt like we had been slipping as of late. After getting in contact with Matter Solutions they identified and actioned the most important SEO aspects. I’m really happy with the results and would highly recommend it to small or medium sized businesses.”


Do you need help like Yogababy?

It took just a one phone call to work out how to help, and a follow-up meeting for us to present recommendations and get busy. 

Ben Maden

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