May 25, 2010

Google AdWords Exam - Nemek's Result

Published: 25 May 2010 

In this post yesterday, I was pretty pleased with myself getting 92% in the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam over the weekend. The pass rate is pretty high at 85% and some of the questions were a bit tricky, i.e. in some cases there seemed to be two plausible answers.

We thought it might be a good idea for Nemek (Search Engine Optimisation specialist) to have a go. He's been helping to run the AdWords campaign for Matter Solutions for a while and has kept an eye on AdWords campaigns for clients in the past, too.

Well done Nemek!


This morning he got straight into it and as you can see (pic below) he scored higher than me with 97% and is very pleased about it.

Next step to being a Google AdWords Qualified is to complete one of the advanced exams.

With his background in Search Engine Optimisation and the detailed work he does with Analytics on a daily basis, he is studying for the Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam

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