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LinkLearn are a national real estate licensing course provider, delivering online courses to their students via phone, chat, Skype and email. As such, online visibility is critical to the success of their business.



LinkLearn were spending over $10k per month on ads with Google, and wanted to reduce that by at least a quarter, without having a negative impact on the traffic to the website. As well as a better return on their investment with Google, they wanted to hand over the reigns to someone who could manage and be accountable for the campaign on a daily basis, leaving them to focus on the delivery of their services.


The first step was to analyse the performance of the current campaign. Using information about how their audience were finding and engaging with their business we gained a strong sense of who their audience is, where they are and what their problems and desires are. We also interviewed the client about how they see their business, and where the most value is for them in terms of ROI (Return On Investment). By understanding what the client hopes to gain from having us manage their campaign, we are better equipped to reach those goals.


Identifying Your Effective Inbound Channels

In the first week of the campaign, we reduced the spend by 18%, while increasing click throughs and visitors by 7.5%.

The number of times the ads were triggered decreased by over 62% when we switched to the new campaign. This also had a positive effect on the campaign, as it meant the previous ads were less targeted and likely less qualified leads. An improved CTR (Click Through Rate) of 187% meant that searchers discovering the new campaign were seeing an ad that was relevant to them, and there were less wasted impressions on non-related search terms.

In the first week we improved the average position by 40% whilst reducing the average CPC by 23%, contributing to the increased visits to the website.

Continued Management

Over the duration of our time working with LinkLearn, we have continued to refine and improve the campaign by staying aware of new opportunities, split testing ads and implementing more detailed tracking.

We installed conversion tracking in October to show the campaign’s success in dollar values, and continue to see steady improvements. Over the course of approximately 9 weeks, we have reduced the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by 30%.

Armed with this information, as well as data on how much of the search market they were missing out on due to budget, we were able to double their conversions with an increase of only 40% on their actual spend.

  • 187%

    Improvement in the CTR

  • 30%

    Reduction in CPA

  • 40%

    Improvement in the average position

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