Why you need a Mobile Optimised Site

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Mobile phones have quickly become a huge part of our everyday lives.

Despite most of us not being able to imagine living our lives without access to a mobile device, many people still use websites that are not mobile friendly.  In this post you will learn why mobile optimisation is crucial in today’s climate.

Our SEO team leader has addressed many of these points in this video if you prefer to consume this content through an audio-visual medium:


How do I know if my website is mobile optimised?

There are multiple elements that contribute to having a mobile optimised site.

Firstly, there’s website speed which is self-explanatory. Secondly, the user interface needs to be handheld friendly, so if you’re viewing a site on a mobile and you can’t click the buttons or view the navigation bar then that’s not a mobile optimised site.u-line-lengthdefaultgrey-uione

Why should I optimise my website for mobiles?

The short answer to this is that you’re selling yourself short if you don’t.



forecast using mobile devices


So it is a huge missed opportunity if your website isn’t mobile optimised.

u-line-lengthdefault11grey-uitwoMost people making buying decisions and product purchases from a mobile. It’s in their pocket and ready to go so it’s a massive missed opportunity if you are not capitlising on the mobile market.u-line-lengthdefault

In 2012 40% of people were using mobile devices to view websites.  In 2016 this number was closer to 80%. The forecast for 2018 is 85%.



Mobile Product Purchases


The technical benefits of optimising your site

There’s also many technical benefits to prioritising a mobile friendly website.

Adopting a mobile optimised site will improve your ranking, bringing more traffic and leads to your business.

Mobile first indexing is something that started quite recently.  Moreso in the last couple years but especially in the last couple months its emerged as a heavily weighted criteria in the Google algorithm.  What it means is Google observes a section of your website in the mobile version first. This means that's the version that gets put into the Google index first over your desktop.

This switched about two years ago and now its really becoming a huge player in the algorithm both for desktop and mobile. You’ll often see your website rank differently on the mobile index and the desktop index.  What that means is that your website either pleases the Google gods in the mobile first or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t than it will also impact your desktop rankings, so if your website isn’t mobile optimised you should review your user base and make a decision.  That’s where you’ve got to say I want a mobile optimised website, and how am I going to do that.u-line-lengthdefault

The majority of Google searches are being done from mobile devices. 58% of people search from their mobile and 42% using a desktop, that’s close to 6 out of 10 people using mobile devices to search for information.



It’s not that difficult in today’s age to make your website mobile optimised, but it may require a full website rebuild depending on how old your website is.  That’s where we come in! We are more than happy to give you any tips on this process and mobile optimise your site for the future.

If you are interested in learning more about this or website tips in general please visit our Website Tips.u-line-lengthdefaultwhiteone

Let us Help!

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