Learn AdWords – Make Money 

Are you a Business Owner, Marketing Manager or Assistant tasked with creating and maintaining Google AdWords campaigns, but struggling to generate any leads through it?

Have you employed an Agency, only to find yourself questioning what it is they are doing to your AdWords account and whether they are adding anything of value?

There is a whole industry designed around professionally managing AdWords accounts, so how do you stay competitive?

Learn how to be competitive, prepare an ongoing strategy that adapts to a changing market, or keep tabs on whether those you currently employ are creating the best opportunity for you using the AdWords system. We show you the methods that other Agencies don’t want you to know*.

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Course Outline

Our AdWords Training Course is designed for those with a Beginner to Intermediate skill level and is a hands on experience, whether you already have an Account, or want to create one!

AdWords is crucial in the creation of an overarching Digital Marketing Strategy, understanding the fundamental principles is vital. You will learn the following:

  1. Define the various elements of an AdWords Account.
  2. You can use the various Google applications to track the efficacy of your Ads.
  3. The most recent updates that affect Google AdWords and how to turn them from a negative to a positive for your business.
  4. Setting realistic and achievable Goals for AdWords.
  5. Exclusive insight into an effective AdWords structure, “Core”, that was developed by our Resident Certified AdWords Professional.
  6. Implement “Core” structure into your own Campaign.
  7. The most common mistakes Agencies and new AdWords users make when creating their Campaigns.
  8. Effective analyses of data in your AdWords account.
  9. Home in on your Target Market, focus on increasing Conversions, reduce wasted spend, and lower your Cost Per Acquisition.
  10. Introduction to the Lead Performance Indicators in Google Analytics.

This is a no-nonsense approach to Google AdWords, you will learn that it is much more complicated than it initially presents. If you realise that you may not have time to perform all that is required to make a successful AdWords Strategy, please contact us and we will arrange a Consultation for AdWords management.


*In order to ensure our participants stay ahead of the competition, we reserve the right to refuse our competitors entry. This allows us to divulge our techniques without having to worry our competitors may be pinching our effective systems and using them against our participants.