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Public Relations

Having a great website is one thing. Publishing great content is another.

Take your website marketing beyond your competition by investing in amazing content that attracts visitors. If it is newsworthy and attractive to journalists you can bet that great SEO will follow naturally, so long as it is considered.

Is your PR agency thinking “Digital”?

We can help PR Agencies – your PR agency – harness the web.

PR is more effective when SEO is baked in right from the start. Yes, exposure in the newspaper is great. Yes, getting mentions on popular websites is awesome and seeing traffic spike because of it is amazing. We can take it further – we can make it even more amazing. Our Search Engine Optimisation team can turn those flashes of exposure into growing assets that drive rankings and bring traffic in over the long term.

How? We look at metrics and content generation from a different perspective, combining this geeky web-nerd data-driven approach with the power of PR, taking content generation and SEO to a whole new level.

PR helps Digital too.

When we write content at Matter Solutions we consider the factors that make content great. What makes someone want to share something on their social media, or a journalist pick it up for a news story. They’re the same. Some of the greatest skills enhancement in SEO since 2012 have been standard core-skills of PR for a long time.

We consider PR part of Inbound Marketing

If you already have a PR agency, great, we’ll work with them and focus on your digital assets.

Need a PR agency? We can highly recommend a few that we’ve worked with for client campaigns – drop us a line about your Inbound Marketing and we’ll point you in the right direction.


If you’re a PR agency or consultant interested in working with our clients please drop us a line here.

PR Services

  • Single PR Campaign


    Got some real news? A new office, showroom, product, industry innovation? We can help you with a news release, comprehensive media list distribution and maybe even a video showreel to get your name in front of influential journalists and industry leaders.

  • Content & PR Strategy


    PR isn’t a one-hit-wonder – the best way to get your name out there is to continually find new angles, produce more useful content, pitch more targets.

    Talk to us about an ongoing strategy to maximise your exposure to new audiences.

  • Extra PR Pack


    Already got a solid SEO campaign or inbound marketing strategy handled by Matter Solutions?

    Boost your efforts with some PR tactics when you’ve got something awesome to say to a large audience.

Hire a publicist

If you want to find out how a PR strategy can boost your online marketing, contact us today or call us on (07) 3117 2300.

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