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Copying your competition won’t make you better than them. Try something different and move away from the herd.

Other Services

Is your website lacking something and you’re not sure what it is? When people think about online marketing they mainly think of SEO and paid search, but fail to realise that there are other factors to implement.

The problem could be that your content isn’t engaging enough. Maybe the problem is that people love your website, but can’t find a contact number. Maybe people want to buy your product but can’t commit because they haven’t seen your product in action.


What Else Is There?

Most people get caught up in SEO that they fail to think about other services that work at attracting customers. Sure you can get your customers to your website but how are you going to get them to stay there, or get them to commit to making a purchase.

At Matter Solutions we provide more services to allow you to think outside of the box when it comes to attracting new business. There are multiple channels that your potential customers use on a daily business, so why shouldn’t your business.

Video Production

Video is an exciting way to get your customers to engage with your brand, is more likely to attract your customers attention. With video you are only limited by your imagination and has the potential to go viral.
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Social Media Marketing

With over 2 Billion people on social media, it’s imperative that businesses look to utilising social media to get their brand to people. Social Media has the potential to engage with customers, share your content and ideas, run competitions, and advertise your products and services.
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Digital Strategy

With people spending more time in the digital space, it’s important that you have a digital strategy that lets you get in front of them. With an effective digital strategy, you can make all of your digital channels work for you in targeting your users and converting them to long term customers.
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Digital PR

Digital PR combines traditional journalism with the digital realm to create a harmonious relationship that exposes your business to the masses. With digital pr your content can be shared around a number of places, to ensure maximum exposure.
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Content Marketing

Content is one of the best ways to engage with customers and provide them with expert knowledge. With the internet being so large and “cluttered”, creating content that informative and different has never been more important. The right piece of content has the ability to not only increase your business but potentially go viral and create more natural back links to your website.
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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

You may think that your website looks great, but do your customers? If people can’t find what they are looking for they will leave your website, and thats business you’ve just lost. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) looks at what works and what doesn’t on your website. The goals of CRO is to optimise the website for a better user experience, and simpler ways for customers to use your products or services.
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Sometimes people want to learn how to do their own SEO, AdWords, or WordPress and can’t find a way to start the learning process. We provide training in all of these areas to help people learn the basics so they can start working on their own marketing.
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Custom Coding

Do you ever get the feeling that a lot of website or apps that you use look and feel the same? It’s easy for people to get templates of websites today and create a website that looks like the same to a majority of other people. Custom coding gives businesses the ability to stand out from the others, and provide something that no one else has access to.
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