Your privacy is important to us

Matter Solutions Pty Ltd will not pass your contact details or any other data about your activities onto any third party.


When you complete an enquiry form Matter Solutions your details are kept securely and will be allocated to a member of staff who will contact you. This contact will be in accordance with your request or requests.


We also honour unsubscribe requests promptly and include unsubscribe links in all emails we send out. If at anytime you wish to unsubscribe please click one of these links.

Website tracking

The Matter Solutions website uses various tracking methods to monitor and improve your visit and therefore gathers information about your visit, not limited to, the method and source of your arrival activities on the website, forms completed and pages visited. We use this website to assess our website’s suitability and continually improve it for you and other visitors. NB. This tracking may involve cookies.

Client extranet

As a customer of Matter Solutions you will be given access to private, client only, areas of the website. The data you submit here is kept securely and is deemed to be private and confidential.

We collect data about your visit, including “website tracking”, logins, the details you submit in your profile are kept on file.