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Clients say...


Where there is so much competition and complexity, choose a provider with expert knowledge. A little extra cost gives you a huge amount of benefit. I recommend Ben and his team again and again. Their results speak for themselves.

Robyn Simpson, Director, Market Smartly

Since 2006 Matter Solutions has been helping companies all over Australia get good deals on their websites. If you’re looking around for a Hervey Bay website company, get in touch with us today.

Internet Marketing Hervey Bay

Wherever your company is based and no matter where your target audience is, we can provide you with professional Internet marketing solutions. Our team will assist you in finding the best approach to Internet advertising and help determine what kind of advertising will work best for you. We provide professional search engine marketing services, social media marketing and more.

Why choose us?

At Matter Solutions we have been working proactively with small and large businesses all around Australia and in the UK. We’ve shown that we can help companies that target local markets as well as those that compete on a national or international level.

Check what our clients say in the top right area on this page. Read also our guide on how to find the best SEO company.

Hervey Bay SEO

Our expert SEO will help you get valuable website visitors. How?

  • We can get you listed quickly in Google Maps
  • We’ll make you rank for multiple valuable local search phrases
  • We can help you rank in Google even for the most competitive phrases in your market

Contact a SEO consultant now.

Why should you try Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can get you relevant and affordable traffic.

It’s important to be aware that SEO gives best results in the long term. Over time, the return on investment from SEO will meaningfully outperform other methods of online advertising. When done correctly, SEO will keep bringing results long after you have invested in optimising your website.

On top of this, studies have shown that people actually prefer to click on the natural search results than on ad listings. To make SEO work for you too, ask for one of our SEO packages and benefit instantly.

Adwords Management Hervey Bay – get the most out of AdWords

Did you know that by optimising your website and ad-text you will pay less for the same results?

Our PPC experts are qualified by Google to manage AdWords campaigns. Make use of our professional advice to outperform your competition. Pay less while getting more traffic and tracking your conversions.

We can help you target local Hervey Bay traffic, focus on a larger area (i.e. Queensland) or find clients all over Australia and beyond. Find out more about our Google Adwords services.

Hervey Bay Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an especially efficient method of reaching your customers online. Email your existing customers and find new ones by having a professional subscription list.

Our team provides:

  • Campaign planning and set-up
  • Comprehensive statistics powered by Google Analytics
  • Use subscription lists, bought lists and create queues of auto-responses
  • Full service email marketing can even include creating and sending messages
  • If you want to run your own campaign, training is available

Make use of Social Media

Where do you think people spend most of their time online? E-mailing to friends? Searching on Google? You probably won’t be surprised that a large portion of their time is being spent on social media websites: Youtube, MySpace and Twitter. We’ll help you use them very effectively.

Take advantage of the opportunities in social media marketing with Matter Solutions and find customers more efficiently than your competitors.

Hervey Bay Web Design and Development

Your website has to be more than just pretty. It’s essential that it gets you customers. A well designed website can help you convert visitors into customers. At Matter Solutions we have created hundreds of websites that work hard for our clients. Many of the sites we create are CMS or e-commerce systems.

WordPress websites

Do you think you can find a better deal in Hervey Bay for a blog site? On addition to building a professional website that will allow you to easily create and edit articles, we will include a training session so that you’re comfortable working with your new site.

Are you not sure if a blog website will work for you? We’ll help you make the decision – get in touch with us first for a jargon-free chat.

Shopping cart websites

Do you need an affordable Hervey Bay Magento website? Sell all your products online with our easy to manage e-commerce platforms. Check out our ecommerce website packages.

Become a SEO reseller

Do you want to be our exclusive SEO reseller in Hervey Bay? We’ll do the hard work and you can take the credit :-) Contact Ben for more information.